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Tuesday May, 31 2016

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Current News

Chlorophyll Calculators Dark Compute Grid
4P03 Page

   1 Olympus Laser Scanning Microscope
         o 1.1 Fluorescence image of cyanobacteria
         o 1.2 Blue and green fluorescence of Catharantus roseus leaf
         o 1.3 Right side port
         o 1.4 Scanner
         o 1.5 Operating B&H card with scanner
   2 Currently available Chroma Filters
         o 2.1 Handling Information
               + 2.1.1 Orientation
         o 2.2 Dichroic mirrors
         o 2.3 Emitter filters
               + 2.3.1 0.5 inch
               + 2.3.2 1 inch
         o 2.4 IR blocking filters
         o 2.5 Beamsplitters
   3 CCD/Spectrograph system from Jobin Yvon
         o 3.1 Quick start
   4 Specroscopic properties
         o 4.1 Fluorescent dyes
               + 4.1.1 DAPI
         o 4.2 Medicinal compounds
               + 4.2.1 Catharantine
   1 Photosynthesis
   2 Current Lab Members' Research
         o Dr. Serguei Vassiliev
         o Allen Derks
         o Abdullah Mahboob
         o Kristin Schaven
   3 Movies and images of some photosynthetic systems
   4 Our Book: Chlorophyll a fluorescence (web page)
   1 Lab Store List
   2 Stock Solutions, Reagents, Equipment and Culture Tracking (Notes)
   3 Diatom media recipes
         o 3.1 Stock Solutions
         o 3.2 Final Media
   4 Cyanobacteria A+ Media recipe# 
         o 4.1 Stock solutions
         o 4.2 P1 Metal Stock solutions
         o 4.3 Liquid A+ Media solutions
         o 4.4 Plates
   5 BG-11 media recipes
         o 5.1 BG-11 Recipe 1 - very diluted stock solutions
         o 5.2 BG-11 Recipe 2 - 100x and 1000x stock solutions
         o 5.3 Supplementary stocks
   1 Chlorophyll concentration assays
         o 1.1 a concentration in liquid cyanobacterial cultures
         o 1.2 a and b concentration in higher plants

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